• IQF Frozen Rabbit Bone in Whole Carcass

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    IQF Frozen Rabbit Bone in Whole Carcass

    Frozen rabbit contains high protein,low fat and low cholesterol,and rabbit whole carcass has 70% protein,and IQF rabbit bone in has higher protein than other meat Rabbit bone in meat is the most healthy meat,and IQF rabbit back meat is ideal meat for the fat

  • IQF Frozen Halal Beef

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    IQF Frozen Halal Beef

    Halal frozen beef is the third most consumed meat in the world, accounting for about 25% of the meat market. The United States, Brazil and China are among the world's top three producers of beef. IQF beef is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamin B6. The muscle part of a...

  • IQF Frozen Halal Lamb

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    IQF Frozen Halal Lamb

    Mutton, sexual temperature. Halal frozen lamb has mountain lamb, sheep meat, wild lamb of the points. Mutton and beef meat is similar, but the meat is thick. frozen lamb meat than the pork should be delicate, compared to pork and beef fat, cholesterol content less. IQF frozen...

  • IQF Frozen Pork Food

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    IQF Frozen Pork Food

    frozen pork is one of the most important animal foods on people's table. Because the fiber is more soft pork, less connective tissue, muscle tissue contains more fat between the muscle, therefore, after cooking processed meat, especially delicious. pork in different parts...

  • IQF Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillet

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    IQF Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillet

    We can supply Alaska Pollock fillets, skinless/skin on, boneless, PBO/PBI, alaska pollock Chemical free and chemical treated Size: 2-4,4-6,6-8oz, Package: IQF in bulk, IQF alaska pollock Block frozen 4x16.5LBS. Interleaved, pollock fillet Latin name: Theragra Chalcogramma All...

  • IQF Frozen Pacific Hake Fillet

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    IQF Frozen Pacific Hake Fillet

    we can supply frozen pacific hake, Interleaved, Block can supply pacific hake fillet it skinon and skinless with 100% NW, 90%NW, 80%NW and so on pacific hake can do with chemical and not with it. like EU treated,USA treated, and so on. IQF pacific hake we can supply the size...

  • IQF Frozen Vannamei White Shrimp Hoso Pud Pnd

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    IQF Frozen Vannamei White Shrimp Hoso Pud Pnd

    Frozen Vannamei Shrimp Processed by fresh raw material vannamei white shrimp, IQF, nice color, competitive price. vannamei shrimp pud pnd, Head Less, Peeled Deveined, vannamei shrimp hoso Shallow cut and devein from 2nd-5th segment,Tail Off IQF vannamei shrimp Suitable for...

  • IQF Frozen Surimi Crab Stick

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    IQF Frozen Surimi Crab Stick

    We are manufacturer and exporter of surimi crab stick. Frozen surimi crab Surimi content: 20%,25%,30%,35%,38%,40%,42%,45%,50%,60% Color: Red, Paprika, Orange Package: Vacuum package 100g, 150g, 180g, 200g, 250g, 1LB, 1KG IQF, bulk package 5kg, 10kg. IQF surimi crab stick...

  • FD Apple Crisps Frozen Dried

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    FD Apple Crisps Frozen Dried

    Freeze dried apple chips mainly red Fuji apple as raw material, after slicing, color protection, pre-freeze and other pretreatment, using freeze-drying and hot air drying combined with the process made. FD apple crisp close to the apple flesh itself color, taste crisp and...

  • FD Strawberry Frozen Dried

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    FD Strawberry Frozen Dried

    frozen dried Strawberry nutrient-rich, containing fructose, sucrose, citric acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. In addition, it also contains a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin C content is very rich, every...

  • VF Okra Vacuum Fried

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    VF Okra Vacuum Fried

    With fresh Okra as raw material, the use of advanced vacuum low-temperature fried production process made, Vacuum Fried Okra both to retain the original fruits and vegetables vitamins, amino acids, sugar, edible fiber and other ingredients, VF Okra but also retain the...

  • VF Purple Sweet Potato Slice Vacuum Fried

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    VF Purple Sweet Potato Slice Vacuum Fried

    sweet potato slice also known as sweet potato, potato meat was purple to dark purple. VF Purple sweet potato slice In addition to its ordinary sweet potato with the nutritional content, but also rich in a lot of selenium and anthocyanins. Vacuum Fried sweet potato...

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